Vinyasa Flow of Life


"Vinyasa yoga teaches us to cultivate an awareness that links each action to the next—on the mat and in our lives. Applying vinyasa in your yoga practice and daily life gives us the ability to fluctuate with the changes in life, which providing us with the skill and intuition to respond accordingly. 

It has many parallels to sailing a boat. Like sailing, moving through life demands a synchronization with natural forces that requires skill and intuition, the ability to set a course yet change with the wind and currents. If you want to sail, you have to know how to assess the conditions of the weather—blustery, calm, choppy—which constantly fluctuate, as do our physical, emotional, and spiritual states.

The teachings of yoga include a view called parinamavada, the idea that constant change is an inherent part of life. Therefore, to proceed skillfully with any action, we must first assess where we are starting from today; we cannot assume we are quite the same person we were yesterday. We are all prone to ignoring the changing conditions of our body-mind; we often distort the reality of who we are based on who we think that we should be."

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I could not have said that better. When you step on the mat in a Vinyasa class you surrender to what comes next. You put your trust in your teacher’s knowledge and you do the best you can.  This is what you are trying to accomplish in each class. Take those same principals and apply it to real life. Move through life regardless of what changes may appear. With attentiveness of your breath and a relationship to the moment at hand -that is your Vinyasa.  The only difference is your teacher is life. 

In class, I ask students to flow with their bodies and link their breath.  Be mindful of their boundaries, but step out of their shell.  Accept the conditions of this moment, but prepare for the fluctuation of tomorrow.  Tough, I Know. What I really truly ask, in a roundabout way, is to connect to the body and life that was presented to you and in return I would ask the same of myself.  In the end, we will share the energy and the experiences we learned.  

So the next time you step into a Vinyasa class set your intentions accordingly and let life be your flow.

Keeping You Posted, Z

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